C2 Tactical Course Curriculum: P300
Practical Shooting Skills

The Practical Shooting course is the third in the sequence of handgun instruction at C2 Tactical. It builds upon the skills found in the Fundamental Shooting course and on your own personal experience. Our Practical Shooting Skills course focuses on the more complex movements required for advanced level shooting. The class is 7 to 8 hours in one day or broken up over two days, and includes classroom work, hands-on dry-fire practice and live-fire drills while working through malfunctions under stress.

Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification and or have prior Military, Law Enforcement or competitive shooting backgrounds

Focus areas within this course include:

•  Proper methods to draw from the holster (Strong Side)

•  Accuracy with shooting the first shot from the holster

•  Multi-round shots & follow through

•  Appropriate sight picture at various target distances

•  Advanced reloading techniques, advanced malfunction clearances

•  Shooting under stress and follow through assessment

1 hour class time, remainder is range time

Class Prerequisites:

Students must have the basic skills required to safely load unload and operate their firearm without any assistance and be able to consistently shoot 4” groups at 21ft. Students MUST have all appropriate equipment and gear prior to attending this course. Failure to meet these guidelines will prohibit you from attending the course. All necessary equipment is available for purchase for most firearms.

Equipment and supplies required:

Class requires eye and ear protection and at least 500 rounds of ammunition for the handgun you will use

Semi-automatic pistol with three (3) magazines and spare magazine carrier or a revolver with three (3) speed loaders and carrier for speed loaders

A quality strong-side holster that has 2 points of contact and does not collapse (no shoulder holsters, purse holsters, or appendix carry, these skills can be taught privately and in specialty courses.) See range for details.

Course tuition is $150.00




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