C2 Tactical Course Curriculum: Shotgun 300
Defensive Shotgun 2

Defensive Shotgun 2 is the final part of the two-part series. This class builds on the elements of Defensive Shotgun 1 and teaches the students more advanced techniques on the use of the shotgun for home defense using barricades for cover and concealment. Pistols are not required.

Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification and/ or have prior Military, Law Enforcement or competitive shooting backgrounds

Focus areas within this course include:

•  Review of skills from Defensive Shotgun I

•  Engaging multiple targets

•  Tactical use of the shotgun mounted flashlight

•  Low light shooting with barricades and cover

•  Shooting on the move

•  Advanced transition to sidearm

1 hour class time, remainder is range time

Class Prerequisites:

•  S200 & P500 required if using transitions to pistol

Equipment and supplies required:

•  Semi-automatic or pump shotgun (you must bring your own)

•  140 rounds of ammunition (120 rounds of number 6 shot or larger pellet size, 10 buckshot, 10 slugs)

•  Eye and ear protection

•  Attached weapon flashlight (required)

•  Sidearm, 50 rounds of pistol ammunition, strong side holster that does not collapse

•  Shotgun tactical sling

•  All pistol required gear from P500 class

Course tuition is $150.00